Milan Tucović

An artist in every sense of the word. Beginning of learning on predetermined artistic path of life is considered class in atelier of scilptor Velimir Karavelic, continues in school for industrial modeling and Faculty of Applied Arts, department of sculpture, Belgrade. He is winner of third award of Yugoslav competition for Ćirilo and Metodije monument, Skoplje, Macedonia (1986). Turning point in his creative work represents travelling in Venice, Italy and visiting exibition of Tician, when he is turning to painting. It is start of repeat of many exibition in country and abroad, praise eminent artists and awards. Milan become one of unavoidable represent of conteporary serbian art. Unique of his poetic reflected in influence of films of Bergam, Bunjuel, Tarkovski. He sculpturing fiures, time and space in his paints and giving them irresistible subjectivity.


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