Mihajlo Đoković Tikalo

Graduated on Academy of Applied Arts. He staued in Belgrade till now, were he lives and works. He exibited solo and in group exibition in country and abroad, very famous un Spain. It is cosidered that he is direct successor of Mediala, even he never was member of that.

„There, where thay see magic and fantasy, it's realistic to me, and in the start we are in some kind of misunderstanding“, with this statement Tikalo provoked t me to look his paintng like realistic paintig, if we understand realism like sometihng what exist in creativity and art. He paint from his being which live inside him and behind him, he ruke up thrue his experience of bookish characters and bookish atmosphere and call intelect of observer, and like it's better said, provoke understanding.

With precision like Direr and artistic language like Hieronimus Boš, Tikalo create provocative imaginary reality wit whom he call us to read his paints like novels. Everyone have a right on his expirience if uderstanding is goes with-out saying.

Tikalo's painting is timeless. His creativity lives with full expression and like any creativity haven't  obtuseness of space time. It is and it will be, becouse in every time someone have to deliver important message of literature, continue were someone stoped, without fear of misunderstamding.












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