Jelena Tijanić Savić


Graduated on Faculty of Applied arts in Belgrade, department of Wall painting, in class of profesor Zoran Đurickovic. On the same faculty she had master of arts in the field of mosaic. She was participant great many of artistic colonnies and international camps. She is a memeber of ULUPUDS. Jelena won two aawards: 2010. – second aaward on exibition LITTLE FORMAT in the Singidunum gallery in Belgrade and 2011. – award of the year for exceptional contribution in fine arts expression on exibition REALLY-SUREALLY, Art Center, Belgrade. She had 9 solo and 12 group exibitions. In Jelaena’s painting point out indenpendently drawing and colour, which are carry out form. When she is drawing she work out in detail of drawing till the essence of paint and when she is playing with a colour the drawing is gone and outgrowing in a coloured form. The carasteristics of Jelena’s painting are precision and play.




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