Dragica Gaćanski Didi

Graduated from the architectural direction in the Technical High School, and later studied aviation at the Faculty of Transportation, University of Belgrade. We can say with boldness to say that this first commitment period of learning greatly influenced the later consecration of painting and art. Emigrated to Toronto, directed further education to art, painting ends at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), department of fine arts painting. During these studies pointed to their artistic expression, which has received recognition OCAD- which is presented to only most successful graduates. She has taught in several art schools, and selected by the president and a member of many art associations in Toronto. She has exhibited individually and collectively many times, the participant of many television shows and her works are in collections, both private and corporate across the world, from Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Japan, England, Portugal, Germany, Czech to our room, the republics of former Yugoslavia.

The spirit that emerges in the person Dragana Gačanska-Didi, running farther and wider. She travels around the world, learn the language and culture of the city in which resides and thus enriches and completes the artistic side of his personality, and therefore artistic expression. Bearing in mind that one definition of art as a product of art is characterized by skills transfer inner feelings and intellect of the artist or the person who is with the skill of expressing with boldness invite the viewer to feel and experience the richness, the beauty of art forms and colors in painting of Didi.

Didi's painting is essentially seamlessly pleasant, a coherent composition and proportionally correct. It bears witness to the events and experiences without asking observers to analyze, but to join her in the emotion, the feeling that it causes instant imaging and transmission width and depth experienced. Visual poetics which is expressed in a variety of techniques and materials, technique of drawing on paper to oil paintings, poetry is colored, whether in the form of a realistic or abstract.  















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