Branka Đurašković

Braduated from the Faculty of Design (2007). He is member of ULUS (2013). She has exhibited individually and in groups, at home and abroad. Branka’s artistic language is completely alluring and sticky, because of their specific emotions which only carries out his world to the canvas and the canvas to the viewer. No place like Branka can not feel the raw emotions that sometimes pain, which completely proves realistic attitude towards life, people, it is the people and the time and space that surround us. I have deliberately used the word us, since Branka their visual language only appointed emotions that are common to modern BP time and space and those of us who live there.

The specificity and uniqueness Branka’s creativity goes a little farther, comically, satire and fairy-tale with which Branka actually trying to balance and crude and difficult relationships in a funny way approaches the observer, as well as itself. That’s why Branka’s work always nice and pleasant surprise though talking deeply realistic story, especially if we bear in mind that Branka essentially speaks of love and beauty. How could remain indifferent!












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